Previewing Today's NJ Championship

Today's NJ Championship will be the first USTBA match for NJ Orange, Coach Rich Torok's new team is a collection of veterans returning to the Tchoukball arena combined with a mix of wily athletic newcomers. Kayla Torok comes back and is likely to anchor the center pivot position. 

I'm interested to see how Orange tries to handle Black's numerous offensive weapons, including Ray Gasavage's quickness, Matt Scaglioni's devastating left wing wide attack and Brandon Berasain's overall versatility in shooting low and fast from both sides. Rich Torok can only play one forward pivot position so how will Orange defend on the alternate side and where will Black try to concentrate its attack if Rich moves back and forth? 

It will also be a new look for Purple picking up some players from White but I assume I'll still recognize the hallmarks of any team by Jorawar Singh, namely, a team that is hard to score on and that won't give up.  

Cant wait to see how it plays out. The preliminary round begins tonight at 5:30 and by 9 pm New Jersey will know its inaugural champion.