NJ Championship - live!

Set to go from Old Bridge High School; stay here on this blog for live updates  

First match is Black vs Purple at 5:30

Black inbounds and the ball goes straight down the court and scores. Two defensive stops for black after a landing call and it's 1-0 black.

5 minutes played at black gave the point to purple. 3-2 Purple. 

Barracato scores for black on a 45 degree power smash and its 5-4/ Now 5-5 as Mike Decker evens it up. 

Black has turned it over twice and gave a point away by RG and Purple leads 11-9.

Black had a nice end to the period and rallied to take the lead into halftime 16-15.

Purple's defense is stout and it has a 24-20 lead right now.  6:36 to play in the match. 

And it's tied at 24!! 5 mins to go. 

Black's two point lead has been restored with 2 to play. 29-27 black.


Next match is Purple v Orange. 

Purple is up on orange 11-8 to start based on some superior shooting from Mike Decker and Andrew Sabo. 

Decker has been red hot from the right on both the side shot and the 45 as purple is up on orange 20-14 at the end of the first half. 

J-war Singh seems to have picked up a knock but Purple is positively rolling now up 31-19. 

This game has lost its steam as the clock winds to its conclusion with Purple up 41-23


Orange starts up on black early in the final preliminary game. 4-2. But this could be one of Black's typical slow starts. 

8-8 with 5 minutes to go in the first as Gary Anderson scores on a quick release no jump. 

13-10 Black at the half.

Orange is still hanging in this, but a missed given shot is scored for black. It's 19-16 black.  The last prelim game is coming to a close and black has widened its lead on Orange 26-20 now. 


Black ends preliminary round 2-0 and will advance to the final. 

In the semi's PURPLE DEFEATS ORANGE 49-29 and we are heading to a rematch of the first game of the day, which was also the closest game, Black vs. Purple. 


Sorry to our loyal readers but refereeing the final kept me from posting updates but we have a bit of an upset tonight as New Jersey Purple has defeated New Jersey Black 54-45. Congrats to New Jersey Purple for winning the first state championship.