Tchoukball is a unique sport, played in elementary and high schools across the United States, and more recently, played among club teams outside the school setting. The USTBA’s mission is to promote amateur adult and teen competition in the sport of tchoukball.

Tchoukball has many qualities that make it unique among team sports, including:

Tchoukball is fast

o   By rule, a shot must be attempted by the team in possession with the ball every 12 seconds, which makes this the quickest “shot clock” among team sports. Because teams are forced to shoot quickly or risk a turnover, there’s no stalling. In addition, each player is only allowed to hold on to the ball for a maximum of three seconds, which means that the ball is constantly moving among teammates before a shot is taken. In tchoukball the game clock is always counting down and there are no strategic time outs. This means that the strategy and tactics of the game are determined by the players on the field, not the coaches. It also means each of three 15 minute periods lasts 15 minutes: no longer and no shorter.

Tchoukball can be played by anyone who can throw and catch a ball

o   Tchoukball involves running, jumping, throwing and catching. That’s it. There’s no stick, hoop, racquet or any other equipment carried by the players. Anyone who can throw and catch a ball thrown the length of a typical basketball court can play tchoukball.

Tchoukball fosters camaraderie

o   Tchoukball is a non-contact sport where team members work together to achieve a goal, scoring points and stopping the other team from scoring. Unlike traditional American team sports the defending team does not put up direct opposition to the team with the ball, instead they must position themselves strategically to be able to catch a shot without interfering. Thus, tchoukball is not plagued by direct contact between opposing teams, and therefore tensions on the court do not run as high as in other team sports.

Tchoukball demands strategic thinking and athletic ability

o   The strategy needed to score points in tchoukball is counter-intuitive to most American team sports. In fact, in tchoukball, a teammate with the most defenders in his or her vicinity is usually the teammate in the best position to receive a pass.

o   Tchoukball is not only about strategy, but also, athletic ability. Those who can jump highest and farthest have the ability to create many more shot angles, and thus have a higher chance of scoring. But because the shot target (called a frame) sits on the ground, unlike basketball, taller players are not at a distinct advantage. On defense, players who are determined to catch a quick shot and have the athletic ability to dive and deflect shots are generally more successful. Thus, tchoukball is a blend between athletic and strategic elements.

SB Nation Article about tchoukball 

SB Nation Article about tchoukball