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Tchoukball (pronounced: chewk-ball) is a team handball sport that requires athletic prowess and mental agility. Created in 1970 by Swiss biologist Hermann Brandt, and designed to cut down on injuries that plague other team sports, tchoukball is a non-contact team sport played around the world. Though tchoukball includes running, jumping, throwing, and catching, tchoukball does not include defensive guarding, blocking or tackling.  Points are scored strategically and cooperatively and the action moves quickly. 

The United States Tchoukball Association is dedicated to the promotion of amateur tchoukball in the United States, and is recognized by the International Tchoukball Federation (FITB) as the official organizing body of tchoukball in the US. The USTBA exists to promote the interests of tchoukball players as the organizing body for amateur tchoukball competitions in the US and for constituting and developing the US National Tchoukball Team. 





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